Meaning of ‘Liwuminati’ extracted 

Meaning of ‘Liwuminati’ extracted 

It’s been 3 years since he dropped a song, he’s been on many features in the past 3 years, but not one of his, question is why ? 
Liwu has been one great rapper ever since he broke out in 2006-2008, in the Era of the Purpose( Now Tanaposi ) with a song titled “Forever”… 

But that is not where he started, for the real rap goons, they would remember the album he dropped “Word is born” that hit the waves that time.
But now he is set to drop his first single after 3 years of silence titled “Liwuminati”. 

When they announced earlier this month about Liwuminati social media went crazy with comments saying he is for the Cult, but no,manager Dali Mizaya emphasizes that the song is about putting light to the word not the cult, he breaks down to say 

“Liwu- word,

Illumination- to shed light,

Liwuminati – Shed light on the Word”. 
Well what more can we do, than just wait for the Liwuminati to drop ?


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