Artist of the week 

Artist of the week 

In the last couple of years Malawi has seen a great deal of young and talented gospel artists unearth onto the urban industry. Tadala Daniel Kasinjeni popularly known by his stage name Mic Mash is a Lilongwe based rapper, singer and poet who started music at the tender age of 8 singing in a church choir. The interest in hiphop music later developed when his late cousin who was a rapper featured him on a song titled “Kudikila”. Growing up listening to the likes of 2pac, Eminem and 50 cent also played a huge role in kick starting his music making journey.
His recent 5 track EP with bangers like: L.O.VE, ILLOVO and Not Perfect has been enjoying airplay and has received a bunch of positive reviews from music critics in the country. Besides being a gospel artist Mic Mash also does any positive music Hip Hop/Rnb and also Dancehall. He gets his inspiration from the Holy Spirit, he doesn’t force himself into writing but writes when he feels like it, mostly around 2AM after he prays and meditates on the word.
He is currently an independent artist (not signed under any record label) but is part of a clique called *The Beautiful Side Of Ugliness* which host’s names like: Isabel M King , Jay Stranger, Patience Kapalo and Sense. Mic mash who also happens to be a photographer and owner of a photography company called “Look Sharp Photography” doesn’t mince words but boldly states that the word of God is his source of motivation. He admits to have felt like quitting music once or twice in his career but he has always soldiered on and kept doing the work of God. 
When am done i just wanna hear “well done servant” he says. 
The Mzuzu university student lists Suffix, Ultra, David Kalilani and DJ Mpho as his favorite Malawian artists. These gentlemen have been of great help in building his music because every single time they dropped a nice song he always wanted to out do them hence the artist he is today. He hails David Kalilani’s passion and refers to him as humble, same as the other artists and despite criticism they keep on moving forward.
“I know we are not of the world and the world won’t love us like God does” he adds.
He has dreams of being signed under Lampmode Recordings, the same record label as his favorite artist in the world S.O and when asked why he does music he says it’s cause he loves music and he’s here to teach, preach and inspire his generation that loves urban music. 
He recently released a video titled L.O.V.E off his untitled EP, check it out here:


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