Malawian Hiphop transition 

Malawian Hiphop transition 

It should be stated from the onset that The Real Elements is the foremost rap crew in Malawi.But then, that’s a story for another day.Let’s take a walk through Blantyre’s rap scene

real elements

Situated in the southern part of malawi, Blantyre is the starting point of hip hop in the country. In the early 2000s, the city witnessed the rise of some of the best rappers of all time. From the hilly townships, the likes of Basement and Likoma island kept the heat coming. Likoma island’s major break was phwando la dzulo. The song enjoyed constant airplay and the video also was a success. Around the same time Basement put out Banyamulenge which was equally hot. But then, it would be absurd to forget the contribution of Wisdom Chitedze and his classic song Tipewe. It remains on of the immortal rap works in the country.

Behind these guys producers like Dynamike put in work to keep the fire burning. Daredevils came in around 2006 as a surprise with their distinct sound.

daredevils and fredokiss

 What’s bizarre is that though they are established, their only solid project dates back around that same time; Welcome to the dark side.

Currently, with the rise of new school hip hop, cats like hayze, classic, toast and Viceroy are trending.

Honourable mentions:

Genii Black

A.I (r.i.p)

Young Kay

Kenny Klipps




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