Get to know your artist

Get to know your artist

Malawian music is growing everyday. Most artists known,others still growing. We had a chat with the rising star by the name Jeg. Most people know him from the song “do like I do”. He was also the background voice replying to Waxy k in #ZaZii. Want to know Jeg… We had a little chat with him, read on below.
What’s your stage name : Jeg
What is your full name? : Joy Genneth Gondwe
Age : 20
Occupation : intern at Dedza district irrigation office
Genre of the music you make : I sing and rap too like in various genres
Why you do music : because I love music alot like my day runs with music and I like singing cause most of my family members like singing too
How you started music : i got into music while at michiru View Boys Secondary school in 2009. Was a huge fan of kwaito music ,hip hop and dancehall.and the interest grew stronger till I started recording my songs last year
What inspires you : a couple of musicians and also the way my family likes singing during prayers it just makes me wanna sing non stop
What is your daily motivation when it comes to music : believing in doing more achieving greater things
Who are your favorite Malawian artists and how do they motivate you : the daredevils – this guy started doing music a long time ago and ever since music in Malawi has changed alot it has taken different angles and there style never changed and they are still amazing … So I also feel like doing something like that
Who produces your music : currently I have no specific producer but I have worked with DJ Maas from Blantyre , Janta ,D.I from. dedza and right now am working with Chance ( Mwanie) on my new projects


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