WAFE 2017 Review

WAFE 2017 Review

The annual fashion event that closes down the Victoria Avenue in Blantyre happened last Saturday and as to revive the writers club we thought it wise to write a constructive piece for the event.

One of the models showcasing
With a massive line up for the designers like Homegrown,Christian Entwan and many more others, the event had crazy massive line up for the artists from the newly recognized ITSFRIDAY the Guy who sang Melanie and also performed a new song that got the ladies and media attention as he just came on stage to the Big men like Sonyezo who got the Ladies dancing to the Rap genius Hayze Engolah who got mans rapping along to every song.But as the event line up was on flames, the organizing team overlooked some things like starting on time, the event was meant to start at 6pm but the host said his first remarks at 8pm.


    The team was also embaraced by a 10 minute power failure, which made the event run slower than the time set.
    but we believe the next event planned will have everything looked at neatly.

    The event was looked at as a sucess from the audience’s eye
    it was a colorful event you might want to attend the next years event


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