Type of Cancer (Leukemia )

Type of Cancer (Leukemia )

LEUKEMIA is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow(which produces blood cells) a person who has leukaemia suffers from an abnormal production of blood cells, generally leukocytes(white blood cells).people sometimes confuse leukaemia and lymphoma.
Symptoms of leukaemia include Blood clotting is poor, as immature white blood cells crowd out blood platelets, which are crucial for blood clotting, the patient may bruise or bleed easily and heal slowly he may also develop patechiae(a small red to purple spot on the body caused by minor haemorrhage).

Affected immune system-The patient white blood cells, which are crucial for fighting off infection, may be suppressed or not working properly. The patient may experience frequent infections, or his immune system may attack other good body calls.

Anaemia, as the shortage of good red blood cells grows the patient may suffer from anaemia-this may lead to difficult or laboured respiration (dyspnoea) and pallor (skin has a pale colour caused by illness)

Other symptoms, patients may also experience nausea, fever, chills, night sweats, flu-like symptoms and tiredness. If the liver or spleen enlarged the patient may feel full and will eat less, resulting in weight loss. Headache is more common among patients whose cancerous calls have invaded the CNS (central nervous system)

As all these symptoms could be due to other illnesses. Diagnosis of leukaemia can only be confirmed after medical tests are carried.

Here are some of the key points about leukaemia.

Leukaemia is a cancer of the white blood cells, white blood cells helps the body fight against infection. There are about 54,270 new cases of leukaemia in the US each year. 
Around 24,450 people die from leukaemia per year. There are about 20,830 new cases of acute myeloid leukaemia (am) 10,460 death from AML in the US each year, most cases are adult. Leukaemia is the seventh leading cause of cancer death in the unit states. Approximately 1.5% of men and women will be diagnosed with leukaemia at some point during their lifetime. 
Compared to cancer leukaemia is rare. Although leukaemia is among the most common childhood cancers most often occurs in older adults. Leukaemia is slightly more common in men than women. People with leukaemia have many treatment leukaemia can often control the disease and its symptoms.

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