Good Music you might not know.

Good Music you might not know.

For so long, we have heard instruments banging and voices over the instruments arranged in a beautiful manner to make music.Music is all about perception, you might like it or not, depends on your taste of music, and in today’s segment we want to bring live to you some good music to listen to and Rate. 

We start by introducing a new act in the game, said to be his first time in the studio, for he is well known in the photography & Graphics world, we bring to you Audio Larry (A.K.A Goblin Arts) who managed to be completely different in his new freestyle that talks about many things, the same HipHop genre we have in our phones, Larry just did it differently, listen to the freestyle here

You must know this guy if you follow HipHop music, a few hints,this guy dropped Good year and it said to make trends in the HipHop world, then he killed a Madness freestyle he was featured on,Just not to talk on his successes we bring you the visionary Ray mills with time being, a song that talks about his vision, how he is usually misunderstood when he wants to focus on music, he featured Zach, a good vocalist who helped him on the hook and he featured Anonymous a good rapper you should also check out… 

Download and rate single here 

And also to look to what we believe is going to be another good song, ladies and gentlemen be ready for the remix of Holy Spirit by James Nee & Joseph Asa & Rebirth which will drop on 9th September 

Prepare to be blessed


Talking of blessings, we should thank Beautiful Mind for releasing Sophie late last month, Sophie is a song that talks of a living humans life story and encourages her to stay up and breathing for God has got her under control, this song is a life changer, 

Listen and rate  Sophie


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