Malawi’s Hot New Music Videos (August)

Malawi’s Hot New Music Videos (August)

Malawian music has taken the right track in terms of Music videos, the videos are getting good direction, good screenplay,good editing too, good concepts even, so we at HipHop online just thought we should appreciate our breed without judging or anything by starting this segment.
We are going to start with the video that has made buzz lately, the video Mtvbasesouth recognized and labeled the artist as the fast rising star in Malawi. Ladies and Gentlemen Tsar-Leo with #TOS(The Other Side) song from the start has good screenplay, good camera movement, good vixens and for us Thumbs up Tsar Leo for making out a good collaboration on the videographers .watch the video and rate it down here:
And from the Dusty City, comes clean rappers, that made a very good video that was co-produced by an independent label owned by themselves called Madness Entertainment.Out of the label comes out two artists that dropped a dusty video with massive aero shots,Good location choice, great direction, we hope you didn’t miss Dusty City by Bwaxy and Charisma.Big up Jaa Kev for the direction and shooting of the video.Watch and rate here:

And in-terms of consistency and quality dropping we should all give props to Gwamba, that has been dropping quality videos getting the Malawi music industry’s video sections bar raised every time he drops something. He dropped Nchampweteka Nchimanga this month, a video that is based on African tribe cultures like Marrying off a child at a tender age than letting her pursue her dreams.The song and the video are well articulated, well shaped and well presented.Watch and rate here

Talking of talent, have you heard about Kim? She was featured in two of the Amplified movements songs, or maybe you have heard Slave, or maybe not,well Kimberly Kaunda is a talented young lady who is about to take over Malawi music industry, she recently released a catchy video titled Money that talks about how people work for money and do things that are morally wrong to get that money. Not to uncover all.Watch and Rate Money here


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