Unlocking Jasondus off the shadows.

Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever wondered who is behind the songs you listen to ? With questions like,

Who made that beat?

Who produced that song?

Who is the engineer ? 

Well we are here to unlock one shadowed talented beast, his name is Jasondus real name Lumbani Moyo.
Lumbani is a capital city based producer/sound Engineer/Composer who is currently creating a platform for artists who do HipHop and Pop.
 Jasondus has worked with Homegrown,Swisha,Tsar Leo,Dalitso Msosa(Dahlie_Beatx)…etc

Under his own brand called O’z &1’Z he works with rappers like Legit,FreshKon,Wordsleit & Dvmiwrong.He is a visionary and recently he dropped a tune called 95 that Features The young fast rising RnB star Tsar Leo,Emi Long and Legit get it here 



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