These niggas aint killing the game/ These niggas aint killing the game/ We tell em AYI/ Why they always gotta sound the same?/ Why they always wanna sound the same?/We tell em AYI Kodi amamenya bho awa?/ Kodi amamenya bho awa? /AYI/ Nyimbo zawo ndi zabho awa?/ Nyimbo zawo ndi zabho awa?/AYI/ Verse 1 (Who’s that?)Mr. Genii, class of my own like a millionaire/ I do it cuz I can and I really don’t care/ If they hating on my shine like the Prince of Bel Air/ Standing so high like am living upstairs /Never fear for I have been here well aware/ (WOZA)/ I got the game on my back though Some of ya’ll aint shit like closed assholes/ It’s no subliminal every line is true/ They say am underground like this landmine never blew /I’m like it’s funny how you know me but I’ve never heard of you /Mfana ofewa ngati thumba la manure/ Its no comparison we’re never the same I got game like Cash Money but I’ll never be lame/ I’ve got the fire in my heart so you can feel this Pro-Pain/ Dropping dope lines like am sniffing Cocain/


Verse 2

(Mr Mind)Mr. Mind, I’m doing mine money on my mind/ Coming up in the world am stepping up my grind/ Stepping up my game leaving lame niggas behind/ Ine ndine all about me, one of a kind/ You aint killing the game man you just playing/ You claiming that you’re real but your flow’s wack and plain/ I don’t complain I’ll make it rain like I’m Mister Wayne/ Am out of my pain get off my lane before I inflict the burn/ Mukuti chani mafana mulibe nkhani You doing Hip Hop with no direction olo mbali/ Got my dreams on a higher note, dreams of Ferrari/ Am ahead of ya’ll, you ought to keep up?/ Better hungry Coming up with a sick flow/ Mess around man I’m feen’ to blow/ Style’s high like am doing dope/ Head high focus on the top/ My head high focus to the top



They say they got a sick flow, Dolo ndi ndani?/(Dolo ndi ndani)/ But they sound Disco, Dolo ndi ndani?/ (Dolo ndi ndani)/ We independent in this rap shit nigga, Dolo ndi Ndani?/ (Dolo Ndi Ndani)/ Why these rappers wanna start shit nigga, Dolo ndi ndani? /(Dolo ndi ndani)/

Verse 3

Busy copycatting my lines and tryna mess with my dimes/ Am truly one of a kind like me and you wouldn’t rhyme / That rhyme spitting machinery lyrically I’m designed/ To be rough ragged and raw, that’s making rappers resign / They saying they back upon it but faking / They busy playing when me and El will be slaying the game. (El Mind).. Am the baddest in the game you just fronting and you lame / You claiming you real, we know you’re not you’re far from the game


Get the song here


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