Suffix-Ndinakakhala Judge Song Review 

Suffix-Ndinakakhala Judge Song Review 

Everything has its own time. Time to enter studios and record music and time to release the recorded, mixed and mastered music. It’s that time Suffix gets his part of the airwaves after his newly dropped single from his coming EP ‘Dethrone’. The single is titled ‘Ndikanakhala judge’.
This song was produced by zambia’s ‘Stone’ and malawi’s ‘Stitch Fray’. Those who underated Suffix will involuntarily change their mindset. 
The 1st verse talks about a lot of issues a judgmental Christian could have stopped or banned in this world of sin. 
He starts with asking a question to God why he lets the most talked about Albino killers be on earth, he then furiously continues with how he could have handled all Boko Haram members and all homosexuals.

Later in the song he continues in the shoes of a judgmental Christian that he can not rap or perform with them in any show or event.


At the End of the song he comes in back in his shoes and clarifies on how he also is a sinner and he cries for God to clean him and he finally ends with a line that says ” …great men fall so that men should not worship them”
‘Dethrone EP’ promises to be a project that will change Malawi’s hiphop for the better. Lets just patiently wait for its full release. 
How do you rate this song ?

Download ‘Ndinakakhala Judge’



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