Tsar Leo set to drop first official debut video

​On 16th of May this year,Lilongwe based rapper/singer Tsar Leo dropped a game changing song titled “The Other Side

(#TOS)” featuring Zach a budding RnB talent. Together they delivered a song that was widely accepted by the audience. The song trended on twitter and whatsapp as a lot of South Africans loved it making two girls to drop a raunchy video dancing to the song that even Blacklez retweeted the video. There are a series of videos posted on social media where people posted (mostly girls) about the song and how much they love it going with the hashtag #TOS. Since then he has been on a roll, from people at home and RSA wanting to sign the boy but he said he is taking his time.

Fast forward they started to shoot a video for the single in July directed by two top Malawian Videographers, Sukez who has a very interesting catalog of music videos being played on international Tv. From Gwamba, NSG, Fredokiss to Bushiri’s own Onesimus just to mention a few. The other director is Essim of Animal Lab studios equally talented and has worked with big names in the industry so The Other Side is expected to be special with these two talents going hand to hand crafting the video to arguably one of the best urban song in the streets. The video is expected to drop in August will it live up to the hype? What do you think ?.


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