Khetwayo-Anditsogoza (Album Review)

Khetwayo-Anditsogoza (Album Review)

This album’s concept is based on a journey and how thankful the rapper is to God for being with him on his journey.
The album starts with the main song in the album titled “Anditsogoza” a song that features Tama.

A song that talks of how God is always with us while we are on our lifelong journey, quotable lyrics ” Ngakhale sindinamuoneko/Ngakhale sindinamu gwilepo/ ndili nacho chikhulupililo/Kuti andi Tsogoza mu Moyo uno”

This in general is a song that talks about our faith as human beings towards God who is always with us every time as we go on with our journey, hence the title.
2nd track is “M’busa Gudu. ” a thanksgiving song, that keeps thanking God on how he’s all trustworthy and love and merciful character

Quotable lyrics 

“Nkasochela amandi londola/

Ku tsatsa,amandi nyogodola/kapulukila amandi nyapula/

Popeza amandi konda eh/”

1at verse that thanks God on being there and comes Brenda on the hook to help out with a sharp voice, making the song more catchy and fun to sing along to.
3rd song “Ali Approachable”

Is a song that appraises The Most high on how he is open and free to the whole world Aubrey Wenya comes in on the hook with amazing Vocals added on the song 
Then we are urged to “Follow the leader” with Mad Chichewa rhymes Khetwayo and Channah brings in a fusion of Afro pop and HipHop to life, this song is different .
Then oh Lawd! Something for the ladies, Khetwayo brings in Priceless along comes in Progain and Coziziwa bring in an Afro – pop sound to life by with Progain coming in with an RnB danceHall feel.

Ladies should feel so blessed on this.
Then Trappers comes in handy on “Kings Meat”

He talks about how much he runs away from Worldly things he refrains from Drinking and smoking the favorite line in here should be ” I walk by the spirit sinditsata zachikunja”
Then a dance tune titled ‘Bukhu la life’ featuring Bertha Kay comes in. Khetwayo raps in english then some chichewa lines comes in some of which are; dzina langa lalembedwa m’buku la moyo lakumwamba/ zomwe wandikonzera ambuye nzapatali sizawamba/. The song talks about the happiness of the artists because their names are written in the book of life in heaven. 
Then khetwayo thanks his mum and dad in ‘Ndikuthokoza’, a song he featured ‘barbara’. He thanks them for their care and the lessons he has learnt from them. Barbara sings the hook properly thereby spicing up the song. 
The 9th song is ‘extend your grace’ which khetwayo’ featured ‘Jonathan mojo’. Its a slow jam which makes one stay calm while enjoying the nice flow and hook. The song advises us to help those in need whenever we can. 
Then ‘ntulire yesu’ featuring ‘kitson’ follows. This is a pasada tune with heart taking trumpets. The song talks about the importance of praying to God whenever we are in problems. Quotable lyrics: kwathu sipadziko ndingopitilira/ ndipo ndingodekha adzapuputa misozi ndilirayi. 
Then khetwayo features ‘Nancy’ in ndimaganizira inu, a tune that will force you to jump on the dance floor. Khetwayo raps in a unique style dropping lyrics such as: you are all over like me like lotion/ you are my daily devotion/..
The 12th song is a new school hiphop song featuring ‘Nyali Nyusic’ titled ‘the devil is a liar’. The guys spits fire on the devil telling him that he can’t do anything on their lives as they belong to mighty Jesus.


Then khetwayo drops yadah Yadah featuring Gabe’. Khetwayo starts by giving the meaning of the title of the song. He says the word means praise. The song encourages people to praise God in different ways. 
The 14th song is ‘Andimenyera nkhondo’ featuring ‘Isaac’ and ‘S.A.M.U.E.L’. The new school hiphop song says that God fights for the artists. Quotable lyrics: andimenyera nkhondo ya invisible (spiritual)/ napanga manifest ku physical/ ngati sopo amandichotsatu litsiro/ yehova adzachotsatu chiphinyo. 
Khetwayo gives a last song of his album titled ‘Akadzabwera again’ featuring sarai. He raps fast yet clear. Sarai sings the hook slowly at first then faster showing her creativity. The song is about what will happen when Jesus comes again.
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