Voice of Malawi’s top video director_SUKEZ


Dear client,

I would like to take this time of the day and thank

some of our long time clients whom we have been in

business relationship for a while, it was not just about

business but we have managed to build strong

friendship with them.

Music Video category (not in order)


Shout out to one of my biggest clients and friend

Gwamba, for trusting in us in all project we have done.

We have managed to do 5 music videos with him and

we dont take this for granted fam, May good Lord

continue blessing you, continue trusting in us, we will

never dissapoint you. Thanks for trusting in ur fellow

Malawians. You had the capacity to shoot with top

directors outside but u chose HDPlus, I owe you.

Fredokiss Thanks fam for trusting in me and my Team,

i remember we have always wanted to shoot videos

since i was in 3rd year, i remember you coming to my

room to discuss, cant wait for the videos you are about

to Release, it was nice working with you and cant wait

for the next projects we are yet to work on.

Onesimus Muzik Fam, thanks for everything, i

remember when you first contacted me to shoot your

videos, i thought you were joking until the air tickect,

that stuff pushed me alot, thanks for trusting in your

fellow Malawian. Big up

Fresh Impressions (Africa) All the way from SA, you

guys noticed my Talent from Malawi. You called me

over, i directed and produced 5 videos and all released

videos have made it to international Tv Channels e.g

One gospel, CHo n etc Looking foward for the projects

we are to work on again.

@TheNatives All the way from Zambia, i thank you

guys, it was not easy calling me there to shoot the

Video of Olivia “Dirty mirror”. Looking forwad coming

again, shout out to Bob, u made it possible. I owe you


Martse Mwana ovaya kwambiri, i see you doing great,

big up! Thanks for trusting in me n my team, God

continue blessing you, you are very understanding and

cant wait to shoot “Malawi” walemera uli mwana xse.

Jezreel’s Daddie A brother from another mother. I

remember tikuyenda wapansi all around Blantyre

kumata ma poster, i remember staying all night making

plans. I remember the first video you gave me to shoot

and provided transport from Lilongwe to BLANTYRE ,

food and accomodation for me in BLANTYRE. I

remember we floped coz the video was not good until

we had to reshoot it… haha it was Veke Mphete, it

was a banger, Bucci,Flodee … I see you

Kellz Kell Kay Kambwiri Day one nigga, lol

naphuzirila ma video pa iwe , thanks for the support,

forever day one.ndikuyuza smallest camera ever.

Dan Lu Thanks for all references you have provided.

Thanks for the business u have given us

@Purple C 2 Straight video hits with you. Big

up despite being new to the industry but you have

proved that it does not matter. Continue working hard.

Thanks for trusting in us. # u talented

@zanne_challe I remember when you came to my

room with Dan to check our videos and you were like,

“i cant wait, lets shoot like tomorrow. I dont wanna

compare this is the best” i remember you said that.

Dickson Ntonya aka LAX G Thanks for the platform

you offered me, thank you very much.Dominant1 video

was woow…

@Real friends Entertainment levels Remix, i

see you Young degree, Malinga Mafia, Sangie Angel , i


No Sleep Gang We have shot classic videos that

always stood out of the many. Thanks Exl, i remember

when we first met at poly ndikulemba mayeso, i was

like jus wait for me , in a week i will be done & we will

shoot this. Thanks for being with us for years. # hdplus

for life

Kalawe Thank you man, we made a hit video together,

you provided us with what was needed to produce

great video, from Misonzi to the greatest Video ever,

Dzuka Malawi. I remember when you told me they have

banned it, i remember the fear you had..lol big up

Viceroy Wapenga Thanks man, when i approached you

to shoot your hit song Demeti, you were like ah, tiye

tiyambe ndi ndadabwa, not that you doubted my skills

but you were giving me a platform until you said now

we can shoot it. We did, big up.

Community I remember my first cypher video i

directed ever, it was poly cypher2013 . Pa chi digital

camera tinayesesa.. I see you overdose, kel kriz u were


The first Music video it was for you Marphix when i

was in 3rd year, thanks man, i remember it all. I

remember kulawira kupita pa denga. I remember it all.


First HD Music video was for you Amaro, i see you. We

sho@t it all on campus, inali hit pa size ya pa poly,

thanks for trusting in me fam Last one was the Cypher

many people talked about, everycorner of Malawi you

will find it, i see you Larry, Amaro, Young LT, TNO,


MZUZU UNIVERSITY comunity Thanks for the cyphers

you put effort to, 2016 cypher fire.

University of Malawi, Chancellor College The cypher i

remember it, i see you Lizwe. Big up

Nde’feyo Entertainmentt Haha we planned to shoot

video for years until we did Disappear by Bucci, the

work ethic you put, big up. Nde mwati ina ija litu?

Phyzix Man Phyzo Thanks for opportunity fam, the

Dekha video is classy, working on Mfana Olusa, Client

is always Right

Bob Phondo

Bwana Bob munatisogolera, thanks for everything man.

Dont knw how to repay you, the connects and

everything, damn. Mkazi wa kumwamba is still

trending, u trusted in us , Essim i see you

Tadala Inde Rasta. Umaitha Thanks for trusting in Hd


Mapale band. “Undidikire song” was one of our best

music videos…i remember those meetings wth Pon G,

weapon and big man himself Mr..! Thanks for th

support guys…. I kno more projects on its way.

Lastly may God bless you all guys….. Together lets put

our nation Malawi to another level. be part of the

movement, HD Plus Creations we REP. To the

cooperate world and all of you who give us

constructive criticism, advice and ideas, we thank you,

check my next post cc Tonderai Jai Banda Nick Vilelle

Jai Banda Charles Sinetre Stevie Sukali and Charles

Mulilima just to mention a few, we appreciate the


Yours faithfully, Director Sukez Cc:Hago Signed


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