HipHop music stands as one of the most common genres amongst the youth of the world and it’s arguably the most stereotyped genre in Malawi because of some irresponsible individuals who have tarnished the good image of the culture and have brainwashed our young youth through the message’s they pass on through their artistry i.e. profanity, drugs, alcohol etc but it would be silly to assume that the genre has always been about such. Take the late Wisdom Chitedze’s music for instance, we’re sure you will vouch for us when we say he made hiphop music that actually had the power to speak to people in a positive way just like any other genre in the world. 

Believe it or not but ladies and gentlemen “positivity” is exactly what the hiphop genre has always been about but we live in an age where people like to think otherwise which is very sad anyway with all that said let’s get to what HipHop Online is. Well we are a duly registered online magazine equipped with a team of young music fanatics who are driven by pure passion of the art itself so we work around the clock to elevate the music we love to a totally different level i.e provide a platform for those who wish to be heard. Our vision is to see our society realizing the true beauty of the hiphop genre and accept it within our midst.
Think about a society where people would accept HipHop as any other genre, and artists taking the responsibility of using HipHop as a tool to spread positivity,creativity, and also giving back to the community. Think about a community that a community that accepts our artistry culture !! 



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