Cancer Awareness Campaign

Cancer Awareness Campaign

So in recent years we’ve witnessed our country pay close attention to disease’s like; Malaria, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, STD’s etc but cancer is usually sidelined in most programme’s which is very devastating regarding the serious nature of the disease. Look at how they keep delaying the construction of the National Cancer Centre for instance. Are the reasons we’ve been given for the delay authentic? Or better yet, lets ask ourselves how long its been since the plans for the project were unveiled. It’s been over 5 years from what we gather and our cries seem to fall on deaf ears. Don’t get us wrong but what good does the waiting list do when the system seems to be infested with all sorts of politics? 
Well according to our research Malawi has lost three great women to cancer in a timeframe of 10 – 12 years. Elizabeth Aipira died in September 2006 who was the Minister for Statutory Corporations and in 2007 we lost Kate Kainja Kaluluma, a woman of “substance,wise,great and development conscious” according to the words of the late president Dr.Bingu wa Muntharika. Kate Kainja was the Minister for Women and Child Development and a founder of hosts of gender, child development and education foundations. She was one of the very qualified Malawians in her field of education, nutrition and home economics. And on 28th May 2007 the Malawi nation buried it’s then First lady, Madame Ethel Mutharika and they all died of cancer.
And even worse all of them had to be diagnosed outside the country and they died out of the country.The most striking thing is how ill equipped Malawi is to diagnose cancer early. We do not have the machines for radiotherapy and we have very few cancer specialists. It’s sad how Malawian citizens and the authorities just allowed the deaths of the greatest women had produced without looking into the diseases’ cure,treatment,symptoms etc. to avoid more deaths.

The death of the First Lady and two Cabinet Ministers from such a cause should awaken us to reality and try to save hundreds of ordinary women threatened by cervical and breast cancer.
Let us declare our commitment to serve as in the memory of our great mothers who have departed, because we did not act early enough to improve our national diagnostic capacity and treatment.



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